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Practical English

Daily English communication

Not only do we aim for students to develop practical English proficiency to the level where they can take courses in English, international students will also be welcomed to ensure a globalized campus.

6-month Intensive English Program
(For Non-native speakers)

The "Intensive English Program" will be provided in the initial half of the first year to develop English proficiency to the level which enables students to take courses in liberal arts subjects in English after that.
Students are divided into small classes based on their level (beginner, intermediate, advanced), practicing their listening, writing, reading, speaking, and presentation skills in an English-only environment.

Bachelor’s degree offered in English (Fully bilingual education)

At least half of the 124 credits required for graduation must be taken in English. With some exceptions (such as the classes in Japanese for international students), the same courses are offered in both English and Japanese, meaning students can graduate by taking all their courses in English, and it is an English-only environment.

A quarter of our students come from abroad

With about 20 international students for every 100 students per year as well as students from overseas universities on exchange, we aim for a globalized campus where about 1 in 4 students are from outside Japan. Daily English communication with international students who have different cultural backgrounds and values will allow students to acquire a sense of respect for others.


Practical English at Eikei