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SDGs-oriented liberal arts(General Courses)

Acquire the cultural skills to navigate global society

The Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs)are international goals for sustainable development adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2015. At EUH, we aim to train young people to contribute to the establishment of integrated solutions to real-world problems while considering the direction of the 17 SDGs and aiming to contribute to the realization of a sustainable world. When examining social issues, we set the SDGs’ 5Ps(Peace, Partnership, People, Prosperity, and Planet)as pillars for studying various interdisciplinary fields.


Pillars for learning: 5Ps

Fundamental courses

Fundamental courses are categorized into Peace and Partnership in these 5Ps as required subjects for all students.

Fundamental courses
5Ps Knowledge to be acquired
Peace Standards to be referred to when solving problems such as building a peaceful society or collaborating with diverse stakeholders

Advanced courses

Advanced courses are categorized into the 3 perspectives (People, Prosperity, and Planet) and are to be selected as electives according to the students’ interests.

5Ps Perspectives Knowledge to be acquired Academic fields
People Identity
Thinking frameworks to figure out social issues and respect diversities in multicultural societies Humanities
Prosperity Business
Structure of a globalizing economy and society, and industrial / technological development Economics
Planet Ecosystem
Awareness of environmental conservation and biodiversity towards development in coexistence with nature Natural Science
(Environmental studies)

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