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〈Message from a current student 〉IGAWA Candace Miku

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What I realized after enrolling at Eikei University
IGAWA Candace Miku 
(sophomore student)
IGAWA Candace Miku (sophomore student)

It has been almost a year and a half since I enrolled at Eikei University. I was born and raised in California, U.S.A., so it was challenging for me at first to adjust to Japanese culture and language. Something that is still sometimes difficult for me is understanding and reading Japanese social norms- Japan tends to have many unspoken rules and expectations, which are very different from the usual norms in the States. However, with the assistance of my friends and peers, it is much easier to navigate through them now, which I feel has lowered our cultural barriers.

My favorite classes that I’ve taken so far at Eikei University were Philosophy & Ethics and PBL; PBL stands for Project Based Learning. I chose these classes as I felt they left the most impact on me. It was really interesting for me to explore new ways of thinking, and explain the ways of possible existence and knowledge within Philosophy & Ethics. On the other hand, I felt that PBL was the true embodiment of what Eikei is all about. Through PBL, I was able to apply the knowledge and skills I've gained throughout my studies, as well as work with my peers to identify fundamental issues through fieldwork with local companies (this year it was with Yahoo! LODGE). I was already aware of it before, but taking this class reaffirmed the vitalness of communication and compromise within social settings. I’ve come to learn that I really enjoy an active learning environment. Not only is it extremely enriching to constantly interact with others, but it allows for a more ‘hands-on’ experience.


In the future I hope I can continue to interact with others, using my international perspective as a Japanese American, to hopefully work on solving social issues together. No matter what career path I choose, I hope I can continue to grow and learn new things in a setting that pushes me to do so, like in Eikei.

March 2023 contribution