June 20: We will hold the Online University Seminar.

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The Online University Seminar

We will hold the online university seminar for those who are interested in admission to our university.
縲縲Sunday, June 20, 2021縲Morning session/ Afternoon Session (All in Japan Standard Time, UTC+9)
縲縲To be held via the Zoom online meeting application
縲縲窶サAdvance application required.
縲縲窶サURL will be sent to the applicants.
縲縲Prospective students, guardians, etc.
縲娠art 1縲 Language: Japanese
縲シ茨シ托シ蔚niversity information, Admissions information
縲シ茨シ抵シ窺esseges from the founding students
縲縲窶サTo be held via the Webinar.
縲縲縲You can freely enter and exit during the event.
縲娠art 2縲銑anguage: (Morning session) Japanese, (Afternoon session) English
縲Model Lectures 
縲You can experience our model lectures online!
縲窶サTo be held via Zoom meeting.
縲窶サ1 Class will be held in morning and afternoon session.
縲縲Seating capacity: 20
縲娠art 3縲
縲Online chatroom
縲You will have an opportunity to talk with our faculty members.
縲窶サTo be held via Zoom meeting.
縲窶サOne group with Japanese and one group with English.
縲縲Seating capacity: 10 each
シ輔Advance Application
縲縲We start accepting applications from the following URL from Monday, June 7 2021.