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Social Media Policy


This policy shall define matters concerning the operation of the official social networking service (hereinafter referred to as “social media”) accounts of Eikei University of Hiroshima ("the University,") hereinafter collectively referred to as "the official social media accounts."

Definition of Social Media

Services using the internet where users can distribute and mutually exchange information.


In coordination with the University's official website (https://www.eikei.ac.jp/), the official social media accounts aim to increase interest in the University as well as deepen the user's understanding of the University through distributing information on our educational activities, student activities, and events.

Operating Policy

  1. The official social media accounts shall be used exclusively for the distribution of information and shall not be used to send replies in principle. Comments and inquiries for the University shall be communicated using the inquiry form on the University's official website.
  2. In principle, actions of the official social media accounts such as Like, Share, and Follow shall be limited to the official accounts of public institutions, educational institutions and organizations, and associations related to the University. Such actions do not represent the University's support for specific accounts.
  3. Comments, links, and other contents (hereinafter referred to as "Comments") posted to the official social media accounts by users do not reflect the opinions of the University. For official presentations and views of the University, please visit the University's official website.


  1. Although the University expends all possible means to ensure the accuracy of information posted by the official social media accounts, it shall assume no responsibility for any action taken by users based on such information.
  2. The University shall assume no responsibility for Comments on the University's official social media accounts posted by users.
  3. The University shall assume no responsibility for any trouble or dispute arising between users or between third parties and users in connection with the official social media accounts and its contents.
  4. The copyright of contributions such as Comments belongs to users who posted such contributions. By posting contributions, users grant the University the right to use non-exclusively the content of contributions worldwide and free of charge, and agree not to exercise copyright and other rights over the University.

Prohibitions and Deletion of Users' Comments

The following actions are prohibited in operation or use of the official social media accounts. In the event that one of the actions listed below, please be advised that we may take actions such as deleting comments and blocking accounts without prior notice.

  • Actions that disadvantage or damage the University or a third party or acts that may cause such harm
  • Actions that infringe the privacy of third parties, such as identifying, disclosing, or leaking personal information without consent of the subject
  • Actions that discredit, dishonor, insult, or slander the University (including students and faculty members of the University) or third parties
  • Actions that infringe upon the copyrights, trademarks, or any other intellectual property rights of the University (including students and faculty members of the University) or a third party
  • Actions that damage or may damage the trust or dignity of the University, such as actions against public order and morals
  • Criminal acts or actions that lead or may lead to criminal acts
  • Actions that violate or may violate laws, ordinances, or other legislation
  • Actions related to sales, political, religious, and election campaign activities
  • Acts of discrimination or actions that promote discrimination on race, thought, creed, etc.
  • The posting of information that are considered to disadvantage the University's recruitment and publicity such as the content of entrance examinations and comparison with other universities
  • The posting of information by individuals pretending to be other users or third parties
  • The posting of information that attempts to intentionally disturb the well-meaning exchange of information on the network
  • The posting of information unrelated to the information posted by the University
  • Actions prohibited by the operating company of the social media service
  • The posting of other information considered to be inappropriate by the University


Reproduction of the content of the official social media accounts without prior permission of the University is prohibited, except for activities authorized under the Copyright Act of Japan such as private use and quotation. Ensure to specify the source by an appropriate method when taking such actions.

Publication of this Policy and its Revisions

The content of this policy will be posted on the University's official website. Changes in this policy shall be made as needed without prior notifice.

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