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About EikeiDisclosure of Information

Public Release of Educational Information Based on Laws and Regulations (related to Article 172 (2) of the enforcement regulations for School Education Law)

Related to the Aims of University Research
Related to the Basic Organization of University Educational Research
Related to Organization of Faculty, the Number of Faculty Members, and the Degrees and Results of Faculty
Related to Admissions Policy and Number of New Students, Admission Capacity and Number of Students Enrolled, Number of Graduates, Number of Students Pursuing Further Education, Number of Employed Graduates, and Conditions on Continuing Study and Employment
Related to lesson subject, lesson method and contents and annual lesson plan
Related to Standards for Evaluations of Study Results and Certification of Graduation or Completion
Related to University Grounds, Facilities, Equipment, and the Educational Research Environment for Students
Related to Tuition, Entrance Fees, and Other Fees Collected by the University