Flexible student support via "Port"

40 students form a group called a "port" and 2 faculty members (different fields of expertise) are assigned to support those students. Daily or regular communication between the designated 2 faculty members and the students within a "port" are promoted to encourage consultations on selecting courses, monitoring progresses, planning learning schedule, and so on.

Career Building Support

Jump-start Workshop

The Jump-start Workshop is held for about the first week after entering the University. It gives students a chance to reflect on their daily life and learning up until entering University, and to think about their career plans and life plan for the future. "Introduction to Project-Based Learning" and "Introduction to Social System Design" are also implemented as intensive lectures during this workshop to cultivate the student's sense of involvement in social issues.


In order for students to have a clear image of their career after graduation, professional coaches called "Navigators" will stand by students' learning.
The navigators will support the formulation of students course plans so that students can efficiently acquire the competencies required for their expected career paths.

Evening Lounge

We established an Evening Lounge to act as a place where students can freely exchange opinions with people working on the front lines of society, thus supporting student career building. There is also a project room on the 1st floor of the campus building which enables students to interact with people from outside the university, such as from companies, to help them build career awareness.