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A City of International Peace

Hiroshima, whose population is about 1.2 million, is a city in the Chugoku region in the western part of Japan, and is known as the place where the first atomic bomb in human history was dropped.
Many tourists from within Japan and abroad come to see the two world heritage sites in the prefecture and the beautiful views of the Seto Inland Sea with its approximately 140 floating islands.
Hiroshima is truly developing into an international city of Peace and Culture.

An international city of Peace and Culture.


Peace Memorial Park
-A focus for prayers for world peace

Around the park are many facilities to pray for world peace. The Atomic Bomb Dome is the most symbolic building in Hiroshima City, standing only meters away from the hypocenter of the atomic bomb blast. It has become a beacon for the world’s prayers for peace and an end to nuclear weapons.



Itsukushima Shrine
-The shrine built on top of the water

Itsukushima Shrine is one of the most significant shrines in Japan and the only shrine in the world built on top of the water. The view of Itsukushima Shrine has long been considered one of the three finest views in Japan.



Many beautiful landscapes


The internationally
-praised views of the Seto Inland Sea

Hiroshima Prefecture faces the Seto Inland Sea, the largest inland sea in Japan. The sight of the water's surface with its gentle waves and interwoven with many islands is truly superb. Geographers who came to Japan in the final days of the Edo Period praised this area as the most beautiful in the world.

  • Shimanami-Kaido

    The Shimanami-Kaido connects Hiroshima and Ehime, and you can cross it by bike. Many people visit this dream location for cyclists.

  • Onomichi - a town of hills

    Onomichi is a town of hills, and it is used as a filming location for movies due to its unique landscapes, where any shot can be a perfect picture.

  • Takehara Townscape Preservation District

    The "Little Kyoto of Aki," selected as one of the Preservation Districts for Groups of Historic Buildings in Japan. Homes and more from the Edo Period remain here today.

  • Tomonoura - a port town of healing

    Tomonoura is a port town of healing, and its historical townscape will soothe your mind. The scenic views here have been selected many times as a filming location for movies and as a setting for anime.

  • Taishakukyo Gorge - one of the 100 Landscapes of Japan

    Taishakukyo Gorge is a picturesque spot representative of Hiroshima Prefecture and is one of the most exquisite valleys in Japan. You can enjoy taking a stroll and participating in activities among the beautiful seasonal scenery here!

  • Sandankyo Gorge- a place of special scenic beauty

    This beautiful gorge runs through the mountains northwest of Hiroshima City. There are some breathtaking waterfalls and crevasses in the gorge, including a famous two-tiered and three-tiered waterfall.