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Project-Based Learning (PBL)

Take on real-life challenges faced
by our partner companies and organizations

PBL is the core of our curriculum. Students will take on PBL exercises several times in their second and third years to discover factors causing certain social/corporate issues and propose solutions for them. It is designed for students to acquire abilities to discover and solve problems collaborating with others and to pursue tasks.

Flow of PBL exercises

You shall find every corner of Hiroshima as your classroom!

Students of Eikei University of Hiroshima will have opportunities to tackle real-life problems faced by partner companies and organizations, as part of the coursework. Such experiences shall make students to think by themselves and to make appropriate action for solving those problems, while the coursework will guide them with various skills and knowledge to come up with the best solutions.

Example Themes for PBL

Example Themes for PBL
Sample Categories Project Themes
Private-sector companies
(Food products)
Research on marketing environment to grasp consumer needs for overseas expansion
Private-sector companies
Crafting an idea for a new IT services
Private-sector companies
Service development for community planning through data analysis
Private-sector companies
Proposal for mitigating accidents caused by elderly drivers
Local governments Inheritance of traditional culture in aging society with decreasing birth rate

Learn from real-life problems faced by partner companies and organizations

In order to actively incorporate real-life problems into our class activities, the “Platform” will be established in Hiroshima Prefecture in cooperation with various entities off the campus, such as private companies, NPOs, international organizations and local governments.
The Platform is expected to expand further to provide more opportunities for Eikei students.

Eikei University of Hiroshima Council of Practical Learning

Degree Project

The degree project will be done in the third or fourth year to summarize the four years of learning and practice.
Students set their project theme freely and discover solutions.

The one-year-long degree project will be done in the third or fourth year. Students set their project theme freely and discover solutions. Research for individual degree projects is performed through seminars, with 2 briefing sessions (mid-term and final). We invite stakeholders of the company, administrative body, or the like to said briefing sessions as external evaluators, getting feedback on research from perspectives including novelty and feasibility. Students incorporate that into a report and announce their results at a public presentation.

Degree Project(Overall summary)


Project-Based Learning (PBL) at Eikei