About Eikei

About EikeiVision and Mission


Eikei University of Hiroshima aims to foster a cadre of young people by enhancing interdisciplinary skills and knowledge to overlook societies, identify problems, find solutions collaborating with others, and create new values, and contribute locally and globally.

Who We Aim to Foster

Eikei University of Hiroshima aims to foster a cadre of young people who have high aspirations to contribute to local communities and to the world in the midst of uncertain socioeconomic circumstances, as well as to boldly take on unsolved challenges, and to tenaciously pave the way for a new era by offering education that develops 5 competencies (abilities and skills) required to thrive in society.

Our students will enhance the following competencies (abilities and skills)

  • The ability to discover problems from a global perspective and strategically create plans for unifying solutions based on a broad education and digital literacy
  • Respect for diversities and collaboration with others who have different cultural backgrounds such as culture and values, etc.
  • Ability to complete tasks to achieve set goals while taking on challenges with leadership, with a lifelong desire to learn

Diploma Policy

Degree will be conferred to those who have been recognized as obtaining the following competencies (abilities/skills)

Foresight The ability to discover the core problems caused by changes in society by developing a multifaceted perspective based on broad knowledge, foreseeing the future with a global perspective and conceptual thinking.
Strategy The ability to develop integrated solutions strategically by collecting, researching and analyzing information and learning with logical thinking utilizing ICT literacy.
Global collaboration The ability to utilize high language proficiency and communication skills for collaborating with people from different cultures and values, respecting social and individual diversity and building credible relationships with them.
Energetic drive The ability to proactively take on and pursue challenges demonstrating leadership and perseverance without avoiding difficulties.
Self-improvement The ability to improve oneself through lifelong learning with high motivation and morality.