AcademicsLibrary Guide(EUH Members)

User Guide for EUH Members

*EUH : Eikei University of Hiroshima 
*PUH : Prefectural University of Hiroshima (Campus: Hiroshima, Shobara, and Mihara)

1. Library Hours

※For the latest information, please check the EUH Library Calendar.

Opening Hours/Closing days
Please refer to EUH Library Calendar
Please note that the schedule is subject to change. 
Note: Each University/Campus Library operates independently and has established own operating calendar. Please check the latest schedule of the library you wish to visit.  

2. What you can do through OPAC

You can search books, journals, and audiovisual materials of EUH and PUH libraries through the search system OPAC. Generally, materials in the library are arranged in Call Number order displayed on the OPAC search result screen. 

You can search books, journals, and audiovisual materials of EUH and PUH libraries through the search system OPAC. Generally, materials in the library are arranged in Call Number order displayed on the OPAC search result screen. 


You can check the holdings of EUH library and PUH libraries.
For the electronic resources, you can access to the materials subscribed to by EUH only.
("Holdings" and "Location" on the OPAC shows "叡啓C”.)


You may renew the due date once.


For the materials owned by EUH, you can reserve them only when the material you want to borrow is out on loan. You can reserve materials available at each campus of PUH and pick them up at EUH.

Current status

You can check current status of books you borrow such as the title, due date, circulation record, the status of the material you made a request to reserve.

3. Browse, Check-out, Return, Renew and Reserve


You can browse all the materials in the library. Please return materials to the original location after browsing. If you cannot find the original location, please bring the materials to the circulation desk.


A student ID or Faculty ID is required for check-out. You can check out materials at the circulation desk or self-checkout machine.

NOTE: If you attempt to take library materials with you without the checkout procedure, you will trigger the security alarm at the library exit/entrance. In this case, you will be asked to come to the circulation desk to check your baggage

※Materials listed below are for reference only.
・Materials with a “Forbidden” label attached
・Newspapers, the latest journals etc.

Loan Limits / Loan Period

status Loan limit Loan period
books journals
10 2weeks 2weeks
Faculty and Staff
40 2months 2weeks
Faculty and Staff
20 1month 2weeks


Return items by their due date at the circulation desk or the self-checkout machine. You can use the drop box located near the library entrance/exit during closed hours. Note that any user with overdue materials will not be allowed to borrow any additional materials.


Before the due date comes, loan period can be extended once unless another user has requested to reserve it. You can renew a book by yourself through “material you are borrowing” , OPAC “My Library” 


You can reserve materials if materials you need is out on loan or if you want to request materials from PUH campuses.
Please apply through OPAC “My Library” 

4 Library Services

(1) e-resources

You can search the materials such as eBooks, journal treatises, journal articles, newspapers from our database. Choose the database that suits your purpose. Some eBooks and other materials can be searched through OPAC.
*Check available e-resources at EUH

(2)Reference Service (Inquiry)

Please contact us if you have questions such as how to search the material, how to use our library, etc. Please feel free to inquire in person or by email.
EUH Library TEL:082-225-6328

(3)Material-request across the campuses between EUH and PUH

You can request materials from any of PUH campus libraries for free. You can place your request through the OPAC(My Library).
Materials can be returned at any of EUH library or PUH libraries.
*You can also directly visit any Campus library to borrow materials. Before you visit the library, check the website for their holdings, the library calendar, and the circulation status of materials you want to borrow

(4)Interlibrary loan service(ILL)(EUH Member only)

If materials that you need are not held by either EUH library or PUH libraries, you can request to borrow/photocopy them from other Universities for a fee. You can apply for it through the OPAC.

(5)Request to purchase materials

You can make a purchase request when the materials you need are not owned by the EUH library. We may not meet your request.

(6)Copying service

Notice about copying library materials
Library materials may be copied to the extent permitted by the "Copyright Act". Follow the notices below to copy.

  1. For private research or studies only
  2. Less than half of total pages
  3. Single photocopy per person for the same material
  4. As for the journal article, after the publication of the next issue or more than 3 months after its publication. As for the latest issue, less than half of each treatise or article.
  5. Library materials only (Personal materials are not allowed)
(7) Audiovisual materials (DVD, etc.) usage service (EUH Member only)

You can use audiovisual materials (DVD, etc.) purchased by the University on the audio-visual booth in the library. Please come to the library counter and ask library staff how to use the service.

Audiovisual materials are in-library use only.

You are requested to bring your student/faculty ID card when you use this service.

Eating or drinking are not allowed on the audio-visual booth.

5 Our rules :
  • Keep quiet so that you do not disturb other users.
  • Don’t talk on your cell-phone in the library. Don’t take photos in the library.
  • Materials on loan to you cannot be further loaned to others.  
  • No borrowing and/or returning materials in the name of others.
  • No smoking in the library. 
  • Beverage can be brought in. Beverage containers/bottles must have a closable lid to prevent spills.
  • No eating in the library. 
  • Keep your personal belongings under your own responsibility.
  • Please handle materials carefully
    Writing or drawing line in materials is strictly prohibited.
  • You are liable for any damage or loss of Library Materials.