AdmissionsRequirements for English Language Proficiency

Requirements for English Language Proficiency

Eikei University has established the following application requirements for English language proficiency.

Entry Period
Entry Period Requirement
Autumn 2022 A person must have English proficiency equivalent to or higher than CEFR B2

At the time of your online application, please submit at least one of certificate or official test scores, as listed below.

The relevant test must have been taken within two (2) years of the final day (*) of the online application period.

(*) If there is a first and second (final) stage examination, the date of the second (final) examination.

Accepted Certificates and Official Test Scores of the English Proficiency Test

Name Type of Test Score or Grade Required for Application
TOEFLツョシ遺サ1シ TOEFL iBTツョ 72 points or more
TOEFL ITPツョ Plus for China 543 points or more
TOEFL ITPツョ Special Test for Eikei Applicants
IELTS邃「 IELTS邃「 (Academic Module) Overall 5.5 or Higher
IELTS邃「 Indicator
Cambridge English C2 Profiency, C1 Advanced 160 points or more
B2 First, B2 First for Schools
B1 Preliminary,B1 Preliminary for Schools
A2 Key, A2 Key for Schools
TOEICツョシ遺サ2シ TOEICツョ L&R+S&Wシ遺サ3シ 1560 points or more
Practical English
Proficiency Test (Eiken)
Eiken Grade Pre-1 or Higher
Eiken CBT
Eiken S-CBT
Eiken S-Interview
GTEC GTEC CBT 1190 points or more
TEAP (4 Skills) TEAP 309 points or more
TEAP CBT 600 points or more

(*1) TOEFL iBT ツョ Special Home Edition scores are also accepted. (Except MyBest邃「 score) Except for TOEFL ITP ツョ Special Test scores for Eikei University, TOEFL ITP ツョ scores are not permitted.
(*2) TOEICツョ IP scores are not accepted.
(*3) This score is calculated by multiplying the TOEICツョ S&W score by 2.5 and adding the L & R score.

2022 TOEFL ITP ツョ Special Test for Eikei Applicants

The TOEFL ITPツョ special test will be offered online for students who wish to take the test through the university. If you do not have official documentation of your English language qualifications or examinations (including those that are no longer valid), you may instead use your score on this special test, provided that this score meets the English language proficiency requirements set by the University.

If you submit documentation of other English qualifications or examinations specified by the university, your score on this special examination will have no effect on the selection process.

The details of the special examinations are posted on the university's website:

Verification of the Applicant窶冱 Proficiency in English Issued by High School, etc.

For the following applicants only, a certificate of English proficiency prepared by a high school in Japan or abroad may be submitted in lieu of official documentation of English qualifications or scores.

  1. Eligibility
    Applicants who are unable to take the specified English language qualifications or examinations due to financial or health reasons.
  2. Documents to be submitted
    Download the form from the university's website and have your high school or other institution prepare it.

Applicants Graduating from Secondary Schools (Equivalent to High Schools in Japan) Fully Taught in English

Regardless of their nationality or first language, applicants who have completed secondary school education in English (all classes) may submit either an official certificate issued by their secondary school or official academic transcripts. These documents can be submitted instead of English proficiency test scores, but they should indicate that all classes were taught in English.
For details of th is submission option, please con tact the Admissions Office by email.