AdmissionsTuition and Scholarships


Student Categories Persons Domiciled in Hiroshima Prefecture Persons other than the above
Enrollment Fee (to be paid upon entrance) 282,000JPY 394,800JPY
Amount of tuition fees Due date
Per year Per half year First term Second term
535,800 JPY 267,900 JPY Apr. 30* Oct. 31*
  • Since we are a prefectural university, the fees are comparable to other public universities.
  • If the date falls on a day when financial institutions are closed, the following day will apply.
    If tuition fees are revised during enrollment, the new fees will apply as of the revision date.
  • Applicable to those who have permanent address continuously for one year or more in Hiroshima Prefecture.
  • Expenses for experiential/practical programs and study abroad, and extra curricular activities (transportation expenses, accommodation expenses, etc.) are required in addition to annual tuition.


We will have the scholarships below in prospect.
Information listed within may be subject to change.

縲色or International Students縲 The University's own tuition fee reduction/exemption system窶

To be granted a reduction or exemption, a students must meet the criteria of family finances, academic records and the like.
For the criteria, contact the University from "Contact Us".
We will keep you posted the details.

Name Details of Support Subject
Eikei University of Hiroshima Tuition Fee Reduction/Exemption 50% reduction/exemption International or Japanese students who are not covered by the country窶冱 learning support system
Eikei University of Hiroshima Tuition Fee Reduction/Exemption
(Sudden changes in circumstances)
100% or 50% reduction/exemption All students who have experienced sudden changes in circumstances due to death, injury or illness of livelihood maintainers, (including sudden changes due to COVID-19)