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About EikeiGiving to Eikei

Eikei University of Hiroshima aims to foster a cadre of young people who have high aspirations to contribute to local communities and to the world in the midst of uncertain socioeconomic circumstances, as well as to boldly take on unsolved challenges, and to tenaciously pave the way for a new era.
To realize this goal, we ask you to consider contributing to Eikei University of Hiroshima, joining our team to achieve the vision and mission.

Supporters’ names

To express our sincere gratitude for supporting Eikei University of Hiroshima, we would like to publish supporters’ names on this website. 

Please note that those who wish to remain anonymous, will not be published. 

If you notice any omissions/mistakes, please contact us. 

We sincerely appreciate your further support and cooperation. 



1-5 Nobori-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture

General Affairs Division, Eikei University of Hiroshima.

Telephone: +81(0)82-225-6201

E-mail: generalaffairs&eikei.ac.jp

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