Life at Eikei

Life at EikeiAcademic Calendar

Date Dow Quarter Spring Admission Autumn Admission
2021/4/2 Fri. Spring Enrollment Ceremony  
2021/4/5 Mon. Jump Start Workshop 4/5~4/10
2021/4/12 Mon. Start of Spring Quarter
2021/4/29 Thu. Class Day(Showa Day)
2021/6/3 Thu. Exams 6/3~6/9
2021/6/26 Sat. Opening Ceremony (Planned)
2021/6/30 Wed. End of Spring Quarter
2021/7/1 Thu. Summer Start of Summer Quarter
2021/8/9 Mon. Substitute Holiday(Mountain Day)
2021/8/12 Thu. Obon Holiday
2021/8/26 Thu. Exams 8/26~9/1
2021/9/20 Mon. Class Day(Respect for the Aged Day)
2021/9/23 Thu. Class Day(Autumnal Equinox Day)
2021/9/29 Wed. End of Summer Quarter Enrollment Ceremony
2021/9/30 Thu. Autumn Start of Autumn Quarter Jump Start Workshop 9/30~10/6
2020/11/3 Wed. Class Day(Culture Day)
2020/11/23 Tue. Class Day(Labour Thanksgiving Day)
2021/11/25 Thu. Exams 11/25~12/1
2021/12/22 Wed. End of Autumn Quarter  
2021/12/23 Thu. Year End Break
2022/1/4 Tue. Winter Start of Winter Quarter  
2022/2/11 Fri. Class Day(National Foundation Day)
2022/2/23 Wed. Class Day(Emperor’s Birthday)
Exams 2/23~3/1
2022/3/21 Mon. Class Day(Vernal Equinox Day)
2022/3/30 Wed. Fiscal Year End Break
2021/3/31 Thu. End of Fiscal Year