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Message from the Dean

If you want to be a change-maker
rather than an observer of society.
YASUI Toshiyuki
YASUI Toshiyuki

Come and join us.
This is the place for you to learn and practice how. Eikei University of Hiroshima, Department of Social System Design will surely meet your expectations and purpose.
Social system design is a methodology to pose questions and seek solutions regarding issues in society. “Social” means a mechanism that people create with purpose and intention, such as teams, classes, dialogue circles, companies, and international organizations. “System” is defined as a nexus connecting people and artifacts to create something "plus", as dresses are made from cloth with needle and thread. “Design” signifies drawing concretely to envision the future agenda, like dream maps in our diaries. The methodology is to identify core questions of society and to propose solutions to them on your own. It is a behavioral science to re-connect fragmented society and to realize our vision for peace and prosperity. Our goal is to enhance the subjective well-being of the world through this methodology.
Social system design has been established for decades as a solid science. Systems thinking and design thinking underlay it with liberal arts focusing upon the UN Sustainable Development Goals. System thinking is the way to "look at the forest and the trees at the same time". Design thinking is the perspective to propose collective solutions to address social issues. The first-ever department of social system design is born here in April 2021 in the city center of Hiroshima, Japan, which is the locus of the world’s peace aspiration and has a robust tradition of innovation.
Eikei University is a 22nd century-type university that will deliver change makers to society.
The faculty members, students, university officials, local residents, and other stakeholders who support us have already started to take actions for that purpose with great passion and deep knowledge.
The arena where you will act is “GLO-CAL”; the amalgamation of global and local. The direction of learning and practice will flow directly from Hiroshima to the region/to the world, and from the region/the world to Hiroshima. Students will systematically acquire the competency to change society and master liberal arts with a global mindset and thrive in society after their graduation through acquired method of active learning.
Our campus is located in the center of Hiroshima, and the international dormitory is “on-campus”. They will serve for you as the twin hubs of your study and development here. Be a first wind of new wisdom. But first gain the grounds here to farm trees of knowledge. Grounds grow trees, and trees make winds to move. Now is the time to move. Act together with us.