About Eikei

About EikeiWhy Eikei?

We develop students' skills to create comprehensive solutions for various challenges, that also create economic and social values. It is aimed at not only for the benefit of individuals but also for creating new social values with SDGs in mind.
We aim for students to acquire foresight to discover core problems of various issues, strategic skills to create solutions, the ability to see things through as leaders, self-improvement skills to continue learning with high motivation, and skills for global collaboration to respect diversity and collaborate with others.

Features 1"Practical Skills" to Change Society

Project-Based Learning (PBL)

Students form teams of around five and work through pre-class works, group works, and on-site research with real issues faced by companies, etc. They experience the process of discovering root causes of problems and suggesting solutions.

Experiential /
Practical Programs

Practical skills are developed through domestic and international internships, volunteering, study abroad (at least one experience abroad is required while enrolled), and other experiences.

Features 2"Knowledge/Skills with a Global Mindset" to Thrive in the world

Liberal Arts

The SDG’s 5Ps (Peace, Partnership, People, Prosperity, and Planet) are designed as the pillars for learning. The main academic fields include Humanities, Economics, and Natural Science (Environmental studies).

Sustainable Development Goals
5Ps Perspectives Knowledge to be acquired
People Identity
Knowledge and respect for diversity, values in a multi-cultural society, and various other challenges in the real world
Prosperity Business
Knowledge on the structure of globalizing economy and society, and the future of industry and technological development
Planet Ecosystem
Knowledge on environment conservation and biodiversity, which is crucial for people to live in harmony with nature while developing economically,
Fundamental courses (Required subjects for all students)Peace / Partnership

Digital Skills

Students will learn the skills necessary to solve problems in information and communications technology, data science, reasoning, design thinking, system thinking, etc.

Digital Skills
ICT·Data science Thinking Skills
How to create websites and apps Project management
How to collect and analyze data Facilitation
How to utilize analysis results effectively Logical thinking and expression
How to solve real-world problems using IoT, AI, and data science Fundamental cognitive skills required for problem-solving
Introduction to ICT Essential
Design Thinking,
System Thinking

Practical English
(For Japanese students)

Half of the required courses for graduation are taken in English!
You can graduate by taking only English courses, as well.

We require 62 of the required 124 credits for graduation to be taken in English. Excluding some courses, such as the intensive Japanese program for international students, all courses are taught both in Japanese and English, so you can graduate by only taking courses in English.

The Intensive English Program (IEP) is offered in the first half of Year 1 for Japanese students

English skills are thoroughly improved to the level where you can take courses in English.

Features 3"Glocal"- From Hiroshima to the World

You shall find every corner of Hiroshima as your classroom!

The urban campus features classrooms and dorms together in a single building, located in the center of Hiroshima. Programs in cooperation with a variety of companies, NPOs, international organizations, and local governments will be offered. Students will have opportunities to tackle real-life problems faced by partner companies and organizations, as part of the coursework.

A Quarter of Our Students Come From Abroad

You can take classes in English among students joining from various areas of the world. We will welcome 20 international students (in addition to exchange students) out of 100 students per class year. A multi-cultural environment both on and off-campus shall enrich your experiences and respect for diversities.

An International Dormitory

Study and life are combined at the International Dormitory at Eikei University. It is a place for practical education where students can learn about different cultures and improve their independence by encountering values based on diverse backgrounds while also improving their understanding of the world through living with other Japanese and international students.