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Active Learning

All courses and classes use a class style that encourages student participation.

Basic model for active learning


Small Classroom Settings

Eikei university of Hiroshima provides small-sized classes to make communication and learning effective for all students.
* About 16 persons per class in the Intensive English Program.

100-minute classes for proactive learning

To promote proactive learning, we set the maximum length of one-sided lectures by faculty members to approximately 20% of class time so that the rest of the time can be used for other activities such as interactive activities, seminars, or experiences. We ensure plenty of time for dialogue between students, group discussions, and Q&A.

Classes cover 2 units in a row

Classes consist of back-to-back 100-minute units, thus reducing the courses that can be taken in parallel in the same semester for improved concentration on each class.

Active Learning at Eikei: FAQs

Active Learning Guidelines



Active Learning at Eikei