AcademicsCompetency Assessment

Competencies here refer to the abilities to use the knowledge and skills acquired in a specialized field in various areas and situations.
Through active learning, students at Eikei are encouraged to acquire five competencies (foresight, strategy, global collaboration, energetic drive, and self-improvement) by the time they graduate.
Each course is assigned a portion of these five competencies.
In addition to the subject expertise, the course teachers assess the students’ competencies
(Competency assessment is 20-30% of course assessment).

For example, the teacher may evaluate students’ competency of “global collaboration” by observing their participation and co-facilitation in discussions or they may assess “energetic drive” based on students’ engagement in group work.
Our competency assessments not only focus on the quality of students’ final products, such as term essays and presentations, but also value the processes involved.