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Study Abroad (Eikei⇒Overseas)

Eikei University of Hiroshima has prepared the following study abroad programs.

  • Gain experiences in solving various problems and overcome difficulties
  • Acquire skills to carry out your assignments in spite of difficulties
  • Develop the ability to collaborate with others who have diverse cultural backgrounds, values, etc.

A scholarship of 50,000JPY/month is granted to students participating in Student Exchange Program.

Study Abroad Programs

Study Abroad Programs
  Student Exchange Program Visiting Students Program to Partner University Self-arranged Study Abroad Program
Offered by EUH Partner Organization(SAF)/Private Agent
Period 3 months to 1 year
Tuition fees at destination university Not required Required
Required expenses Visa application fees, Travel costs, Insurance premiums, Living expenses such as accommodation, food, communication, etc.
Credit certification Credits are awarded when students enroll in courses that are compatible with EUH and are certified for credit transfer.
Commencement of study abroad 2nd-year or later
Destinations 20 partner universities in 14 countries/regions 46 universities in 10 countries/regions
  • If you study abroad for 3 or more quarters, it may take you more than 4 years to graduate.
  • The information above may be subject to change without notice.

FAQ about Study Abroad Programs