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Study Abroad (Eikei竍丹verseas)

Eikei University of Hiroshima is currently preparing for the following study abroad programs.

繝サGain experiences in solving various problems and overcoming difficulties
繝サAcquire skills to carry out your assignments to the end in spite of difficulties
繝サDevelop the ability to collaborate with others who have diverse cultural backgrounds, values, etc.

Student Exchange Programs

It is possible to study at the universities that have student exchange agreement with Eikei University of Hiroshima.
As of February 2021, we are deliberating on exchange agreements with 12 universities in 9 countries and a region.

General Study Abroad Programs

Students can choose a host country from 42 universities in seven countries (as of July 2020) through external partner agency (with a screening test).

Differences between "Student Exchange Programs" and "General Study Abroad Programs"

Differences between "Student Exchange Programs" and "General Study Abroad Programs"
Student Exchange Programs General Study Abroad Programs
Program offered by Eikei University of Hiroshima Off-campus collaborative organization
Duration Six months or one year縲 From three months to one year
Tuition at your host university No additional charge Required
Other necessary expenses Visa application fees, travel expenses, insurance, living expenses (housing, food, communication), etc.
Credit approval Credits will be granted to students who successfully complete a course at a host university whose credits are compatible with those at Eikei University of Hiroshima.
Departure Sophomore and older
Destination 12 partner universities in 9 countries and a regionシin deliberationシ峨 42 universities in 7 countries and a region (as of June 2020)*It may increase in the future.
  • If you study abroad for 3 or more quarters, it may take you more than 4 years to graduate.
  • The information above may be subject to change without notice.

FAQ about Study Abroad Programs