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About EikeiMessage from the President

ARINOBU Mutsuhiro
ARINOBU Mutsuhiro

Can you imagine what the world and society will be like in a decade or two?

We can imagine that the aging of society and internationalization will continue to advance in the near future.

However, technological breakthroughs beyond our imagination might bring about a new society. For example, it has been predicted that more than 50% of the jobs that currently exist will be replaced by computers.

An aging society means that the average person can live much longer than now, enjoying the benefits of a new society. However, to make that wonderful new society, you need knowledge and skills.

To that end, we have decided to establish a new university to meet the need for international education. Its name will be "Eikei University of Hiroshima" (EUH). The word "Eikei" in Japanese implies to explore an uncertain world with deep intelligence and developing new value.

EUH emphasizes the competencies to take on challenges and create new value in collaboration with others, based on what you have acquired at our university.

We believe you will create new value and bring innovations to the world by having a clear understanding of various social structures, discovering issues, and formulating and implementing solutions.

This can be actualized through our "Social System Design" course.

Come and design your future with us. The future holds massive opportunities for you.


He earned his PhD in the University of Tokyo in 1976. From 1976 to 2008, he worked at Tokyo Shibaura Electric Company (Toshiba Corporation), experienced various kinds of activities such as research and development, management of technology and audit.
He became an Executive Director and Vice President of the University of Tokyo in 2018 after working as a comptroller of the University of Tokyo and President of Institute of Physical and Chemical Research. Appointed to current position in April 2021.