Life at Eikei

Life at EikeiCampus Map and Facilities


Project Workspace 1F

This space is the "face" of Eikei University of Hiroshima. Conceived as a shared venue for creating new social value, the space stimulates the creative power to generate new things and embodies a part of the Social System Design. The space includes a Seminar Area for hosting seminars, workshops, and other events, and a Community Area for exchanges between students and various local stakeholders such as corporations and local government officials.

Community Commons 1F

This is kept wide open as a place of exchange between students and community members. Various events are held here for interacting with many different members of the community, from children to adults. Students have installed a street piano here as the "EIKEI PIANO PROJECT", and events planned by students will be held here in 2023 as well.

Library 2F

The library stocks books in Japanese and English to offer courses in both languages. Books in a wide variety of fields can be borrowed by interlibrary loan from the libraries at the Prefectural University of Hiroshima. The reading space is equipped with sofas in addition to desks and chairs.

Project-Based Learning Room(PBL Room) 3F

There are multiple group working spaces with movable desks, chairs, and whiteboards, providing an environment for group study even outside of class. With projectors and screens also available, these spaces can also be used for student presentations.


Port 3F-7F

40 students form a group called a "port" and 2 or 3 faculty members (different fields of expertise) are assigned to support those students. The offices of the faulty members and the rooms where the students stay are located next to one another to encourage daily communication. Students can easily consult faculty members on selecting courses, their progress, planning their learning schedule, and so on.


International Dormitory 9F-13F

Study and life are combined at the dormitory at Eikei University of Hiroshima. It is a place for practical education where students can learn about different cultures and improve their independence by encountering values based on diverse backgrounds while also improving their understanding of the world through living with other Japanese and international students.


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Career Design Office 14F

Our university also features a career design office designed to provide comprehensive support for job hunting. 
At our career design office, you will receive guidance on interview techniques, assistance with writing essential documents, and personalized consulting services delivered by our team of experts. 
Additionally, the career design office offeres valuable resources and information to keep you updated on job fairs, and networking opportunites. 
We forster a supportive environment that encourages your personal growth.



Learning Commons 14F

With whiteboards and meeting tables for group work and spaces for individual study, this self-study space accommodates a variety of learning methods.

English Lounge 14F

With English-language news always playing and overseas magazines available, students will have opportunities to use English outside of class. Information about the home countries of our international students as well as information about living in Hiroshima is on display to facilitate more interaction between students.

EUH Cafeteria 15F

The cafeteria opened in November 2023.

The meals served in the EUH Cafeteria include a general menu as well as a menu for multinational students.

For the time being, it is available only for on-campus users.

Eikei Top 15F

The top floor (15F) of the building has a panoramic view of Hiroshima. Equipped with Internet access, tables, desks and chairs, the space can accommodate a range of uses.

Welcome to Eikei University of Hiroshima.