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BURROWS Christian

Masters (TESOL), Ed.D (TESOL)
Officeシ啌oom 414
Office Hoursシ啜hursday 16:00

Courses to Offer

Listening English 竇繝サ竇。
Writing English 竇繝サ竇。
Reading English 竇繝サ竇。
Speaking English 竇繝サ竇。
Academic Writing


The Intensive English Program (IEP) offers students to develop a practical ability in all 4 language skills.  This is intended as a platform to be able to take part in lectures and seminar conducted in English.  It offers an opportunity for students to build on the knowledge and ability acquired up to high school.  If you are motivated to improve your language ability, come and join our student-centered program.

Summary of the Research Undertaken

My research looks at the use of communication strategies and how they can be utilize on to improve speaking proficiency.

Research Themes

  • Communication strategies and speaking ability.

Details of the Research

The aim of my research is to investigate if strategic language employment is uniformly relied upon or do divergences in usage exist based on, for example, linguistic complexity of the constructs or related sociocultural influences.  If so, what strategies are selected at the expense of others and which factors are prominent in the selection process for Japanese EFL learners.  Clarifying Japanese learners窶 selection, employment, and reliance on communication strategies and the rationale behind their choice is my research goal.

List of Papers

  • Western EFL University Teachers' Construction of a Sense of Professional Identity at a University in Japan. ELTED Journal Vol.22, pp43-52

Books and Other Publications

  • 縲鯖ELTS螳溯キオ繝医Ξ繝シ繝九Φ繧ー縲乗擲莠ャシ壻ク我ソョ遉セ
  • 縲弱ヱ繝シ繝輔ぉ繧ッ繝医ヵ繝ャ繝シ繧コ縲乗擲莠ャシ壼嵜髫幄ェ槫ュヲ遉セ
  • 縲取蕗蜩。謗。逕ィ隧ヲ鬨薙ョ縺溘a縺ョ闍ア隱槭