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ONO Koji

Associate Professor
MSc in Management Science (University of London)
DIC (Imperial College London)
Office:Room 515
Office Hours:9:30 – 11:30 (Monday)
Research Content:Link to Research Map


He was a supreme-category national civil servant and awarded FCO Scholarships to study at Imperial College, University of London, where he received both MSc and DIC degrees.

He has worked at the headquarters of a bank, as a research director of a government corporation, and as a chairman of an international conference, and has made significant achievements in the advancement of financial technology, including securitization.

Current his research interest is a Life-time Guarantee Systems Trust. He has more than 10 professional qualifications including FP  1st-Grade, English-proficiency tests 1st-Grade, National Qualification for Chief Real Estate Notary ,  and He is a Chartered Member of The Securities Analyst Association of Japan (CMA ).


I have been confirmed as a practicing teacher under the government's new educational support system, and will use my 12 years of experience in education and research as a university professor in my studies with you.

Research Themes

  • Research and development of Life-time Guarantee Systems Trust.

Summary of the Research Undertaken

Researching and developing a Life-time Guarantee Systems Trust, in which the elderly person is relieved of the responsibility for individual investment by trusting a certain amount of property, and the entire trust property covers the risk of longevity through pension actuarial and asset management.

Proposing a solution to the problem of a declining birthrate and an ageing society by using the elderly's own assets, rather than public funds, through a new trust system that uses financial actuarial technology and is highly economically rational.

List of Papers

  • Life-time Guarantee Systems Trust Trust (1)-(7), "Banking Law 21", Keizai Hourei Kenkyukai
  • Life-time Guarantee Systems Trust Trust will open up new avenues for an ageing society (1) -(3), "Kinyu-Zaisei-Jijo", Kinzai Institute for Financial Affairs
  • The Potential for Securitization of Loans to SMEs, Japan Finance Corporation "Research Quarterly”
  • Diversification of securities for listing required in the age of financial unbundling, Osaka Stock Exchange "Investment”
  • Monetisation of non-performing loans by Securitisation (1) (2), Economic Planning Association "ESP”

Books and Other Publications

  • Asset Management of Public Interest Corporations (co-authored), Association of Public Interest Corporations
  • Fourth Revised Encyclopedia of Financial and Economic Terms (co-authored), Keizai Hourei Kenkyukai
  • Glossary of Contemporary Financial Terms (2002) (co-authored), Kin-yu Journal Co.
  • Trust Practice Course 2: Money Trusts and Welfare Trusts (co-authored), Keizai Hourei Kenkyukai
  • Handbook on Management of Financial Products for Corporations (8th Edition) (co-authored), Keizai Hourei Kenkyukai

Professional Qualifications

  • Successful Candidate of Supreme-Level National Civil Service Examination (Jyokyu-Kosyu)
  • Chartered Member of The Securities Analyst Association of Japan (CMA)
  • 1st grade Certified Skilled Worker of Financial Planning (national qualification)
  • EIKEN Grade-1 (English-proficiency tests 1st-Grade authorized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT))
  • National Qualification for Chief Real Estate Notary

Key Words of the Research

Securitization, Ageing society, Insurance, Banks, Securities, Pensions, Economic policy, Monetary economics, Investment, International finance

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