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Ph. D. (Hiroshima University, Graduate School of Social Sciences)
Officeシ啌oom 718
Office Hoursシ啜uesday & Thursday  15:30~17:00
Research Contentシ咤ritish and American Literature, English Language EducationシLink to Research Map

Summary of the Research Undertaken

I have two fields of specialty: British and American Literature and English Language Education. I especially focus on the American female poet, Sylvia Plath and her husband, the British poet laureate, Ted Hughes, and study them from comparative cultural and gender points of view. I also focus on the teaching of English using music, videos, CLIL, and methods of Active Learning.

Research Themes

  • British and American Literature
  • English Pedagogy
  • Intercultural Understanding
  • Global Competency Education
  • Gender Studies

Details of the Research

I research on Sylvia Plath with the methods of gender studies, studies of the relationship between time, history, and social issues, studies of popular culture, as well as comparative cultural studies of the UK and the USA in reference to her husband, the British poet, Ted Hughes. In addition, since she (had) lived in both the UK and the USA, I research on 窶彡ommunication窶 between her poets and their readers, and explore the sustainability of literature, in which the text of an unfortunate author who committed suicide can sustain a semi-permanent dialogic relationship with readers.

As for English pedagogy, I am researching how to improve English teaching skills and how to teach English effectively. It has become clear that teaching English grammar using music as a teaching material changes can improve students' attitude toward learning English as a whole. By incorporating the class contribution points into evaluation and grading, I was able to achieve interactive classes with my students and realize student-centered participatory classes, which led to a dramatic improvement of the students窶 English skills. I conducted a joint research on curriculum management and published a paper on it in an international journal with my co-researcher.

I窶况e been practicing CLL (Community Language Learning), an original and improved method of teaching, and have verified its effectiveness. I also research international understanding education, global competency education, Skype-aided communication classes, Active Learning, and CLIL. I (have) presented the results of the research on literature at conferences in Japan and overseas.

I also write (my original) poems and as a member of the Hiroshima Prefecture Poets' Society, I publish the poems every other year in its journal.

List of Papers

  • Various Women Depicted by Sylvia Plath: Her Gender Viewpoint through the Women in The Bell Jar(Studies in Comparative Culture No.141  2020)
  • Involving students in lesson study: a new perspective (InternationalシJournal for Lesson and Learning Studies)
  • Real Face and False Masks of Sylvia Plath in The Letters of Sylvia Plath Vol. 竇 and 竇。: Exploring the Relationship between Inner Struggle and Poetry Writing (Studies in Comparative Culture No.136 2019)
  • The Viewpoints of Gender in Sylvia Plath's Poems of Deflection:The Correlation between the Female Body and Making Poems(Studies in Comparative Culture No.129  2017)
  • A Comparative Cultural Consideration between America and England on the Poems of Plath and Hughes: The Time When the Cross-Cultural Repression was Presented in Poems(Studies in Comparative Culture No. 128  2017)
  • The Poet and the Society in Sylvia Plath (Chu-Shikoku Studies in American Literature No.33 1997)

Books and Other Publications

  • 縲弱す繝ォ繝エ繧」繧「ス・繝励Λ繧ケ窶墓帙→蜷榊」ー縺ョ逾櫁ゥア窶輔丞ア闡励諤晄スョ遉セ2007
  • 縲手恭隱槭〒陦後≧謗域・ュ謾ケ蝟繧ャ繧、繝峨ヶ繝繧ッ隨ャシ鍋沿シ茨シ抵シ撰シ托シ吝ケエ蠅苓」懃沿シ峨丞ア闡励2020
  • 縲主コ蟲カ逵瑚ゥゥ髮縲上∩繧ゅ*譖ク謌ソ縲29髮  2014
  • 縲主コ蟲カ逵瑚ゥゥ髮縲上∩繧ゅ*譖ク謌ソ縲30髮  2016
  • 縲主コ蟲カ逵瑚ゥゥ髮縲上∩繧ゅ*譖ク謌ソ縲31髮  2018

Professional Qualifications

  • Junior High School Specialized Teacher窶冱 Certificate (English)
  • High School Specialized Teacher窶冱 Certificate (English)
  • TOEIC Score: 965
  • Master窶冱 Degree (MA) (1996) Title of the thesis: Initiation to Self-realization: A Study of Sylvia Plath窶冱 The Bell Jar and Poetry
  • Doctor窶冱 Degree (Ph.D.)(2000) Title of the thesis: A Study of Sylvia Plath: Creation of a Female Poet

Key Words of the Research

British and American Literature, Global Competency Education,  Intercultural Understanding, Education for International Understanding, English Language Education, Comparative Culture, Gender, Poetry

Related SDGs
  • 雉ェ縺ョ鬮倥>謨呵ご繧偵∩繧薙↑縺ォ
  • 繧ク繧ァ繝ウ繝繝シ蟷ウ遲峨r螳溽樟縺励h縺

Other Information

In January-February 2021, in a series of eight columns titled "Women's Lives in Literary Works" in the Chugoku Newspaper, I wrote about a wide range of women窶冱 lives depicted in foreign literature from a gender perspective.
Public Lectures (from 2013 to 2019)