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Ph.D. (Media and Governance) (Keio University)
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Introduction to ICT
Essential Programming
Information Delivery Method


When I look back on my university days, I remember many precious memories with my friends, staff, and professors. I studied a lot, had a lot of discussions, and played a lot. These experiences helped me to grow a lot. I hope that you will have the same experience during your four years at Eikei University. We wants to provide you with many such opportunities. I hope that you will seize these opportunities and work hard. Waiting will get you nowhere. Try to do something that can change the world at Eikei University!

Summary of the Research Undertaken

Everything on the Internet is often discussed in the context of engineering, but I would like to contribute to society in a broad way by discussing it not only in engineering but also in interdisciplinary contexts such as pedagogy, business administration, sociology and so on.

Research Themes

Internet, Information security, Computer supported Education, ICT and business, Internationalization

Details of the Research

Since the early 1990s, I have been conducting research with the aim of realizing a society that can provide a variety of services using ICT. Specifically, we have been conducting research on Internet operation technology, and fostering the next generation of engineers and researchers. During my four-year stay in Bangkok, I connected with universities in Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Bangladesh, and many other countries to develop human resources. In the process, he has also been involved in the School on the Internet project and has been working to provide university classes on the Internet. This experience has come in practical under the COVID-19 has forced us to offer our classes online.
At present, I continue to work toward the goal of connecting everything to the Internet, in order to realize an "Everything on the Internet" society where all information is in digital.
I have also been working on the internationalization of universities and international exchange activities based on the experience in Bangkok. I have been involved in the internationalization of the University of Tokyo's Faculty of Engineering and the realization of an exchange program between students of the University of Tokyo and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). I would like to carry out similar activities at Eikei University.


List of Papers

  • The deployment of UDL network on satellite circuit with training workshop, Yasuo Tsuchimoto, Shoko Mikawa, Keiko Okawa, Symposium on Applications and the Internet Workshop (SAINT), 2003
  • Multicast Packet Loss Measurement and Analysis over Unidirectional Satellite Network, Mohammad Abdul Awal, Kanchana Kanchanasut, Yasuo Tsuchimoto, Lecture Note in Computer Science, Vol. 3837, pp. 254-268, 2005
  • Multilateral Distance Lecture Environment on the Internet for Asian Universities, Shoko Mikawa, Patcharee Basu, Yasuo Tsuchimoto, Keiko Okawa, Jun Murai, The Journal of Information and Systems in Education, Vol. 5, pp. 84-93, 2006
  • Bandwidth Adjustable DVTS on the Heterogeneous Internet Environments for Distance Learning, Yasuo Tsuchimoto, Mohammad Abdul Awal, Poompat Saengudomlert, Teerapat Sanguankotchakorn, Kanchana Kanchanasut, Symposium on Applications and the Internet Workshop, 2007
  • DUMBONET: a multimedia communication system for collaborative emergency response operations in disaster-affected areas, Kanchana Kanchanasut, Apinun Tunpan, Mohammad Abdul Awal, Dwijendra Kumar Das, Thirapon Wongsaardsakul, Yasuo Tsuchimoto, International Journal of Emergency Management, Volume 4, Number 4, pp.670-681, 2007
  • A Real-Time performance-monitoring tool for emergency networks, Shuprabha Shakya, Mohamad Abdul Awal, Dwijendra K. Das, Yasuo Tsuchimoto, Kanchana Kanchanasut, Lecture Note in Computer Science, Vol 4866, pp. 169-183, 2007

Books and Other Publications

  • (in Japanese) Internet Whitepaper 1997, as a joint work, Impress, 1997
  • (in Japanese) Internet Operation, as a joint work, KYORITSU SHUPPAN, 1999
  • (in Japanese) Learning Practical expertise of IP/Security/Network by QA, as a joint work, IE Institute, 1999
  • (Translation) Essential SNMP, O‘Reilly Japan, 2002
  • (Translation) TCP/IP Network management, 2003

Professional Qualifications

  • Amateur Forth-Class Radio Operator, 1993
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate, 2000 (expired)
  • Cisco Certified Academy Instructor, 2000 (expired)

Key Words of the Research

Internet, IPv6, IoT, ICT Security, Cloud computing, Wireless network, CSE and Internationalization

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