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Associate Professor
Ph.D. (Sociology)
Officeシ啌oom 413
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Introduction of the Research

I research the interaction between science and technology and society, especially ethical issues, through literature review and fieldwork.

Research Themes

ELSI (Ethical, Legal, and Social issues) in advanced medical technology and its research, research misconduct issues, science & media literacy, etc.

Details of the Research

I have explored the ELSI (Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues) surrounding cutting-edge medical technologies and their research, including stem cells, cloning, assisted reproductive technologies, prenatal diagnosis, and genome editing. The results of my research have been published in several books (e.g., Genome Editing and the Birth of Cell Politics, Seidosha, 2018). I have often contributed articles and book reviews on science, technology, medicine, art, and film to a variety of media. In recent years, I've been examining the ethical issues surrounding medical research involving certain vulnerable populations.

List of Papers

  • Noda, Asao, et al. "Ethical, legal and social implications of human genome studies in radiation research: a workshop report for studies on atomic bomb survivors at the Radiation Effects Research Foundation." Journal of Radiation Research, vol. 62, no. 4, 2021, pp. 656-661. (last author)
  • 縲靴OVID-19 譎ゆサ」縺ョ繝ェ繧ケ繧ッ繝サ蜀崎ォ問補穂コ句ョ溘∝ア騾壽ァ縲√◎縺励※菫。鬆シ繧偵a縺舌▲縺ヲ縲阪√守樟莉」諤晄Φ縲上48蟾サ16蜿キ縲2020蟷エ11譛亥捷縲 46-59鬆√
  • 縲靴OVID-19譎ゆサ」縺ョ繝ェ繧ケ繧ッ : 縺昴ョ荳榊ケウ遲峨↑蛻驟阪↓縺、縺縺ヲ縲阪√守樟莉」諤晄Φ縲上48蟾サ7蜿キ縲2020蟷エ5譛亥捷縲97-102鬆√
  • 縲檎函谿也エー閭樒ウサ繧イ繝弱Β邱ィ髮縺ィ繝。繝繧」繧ォ繝ォ繝繝シ繝ェ繧コ繝縲阪√惹ココ髢鍋ァ大ュヲ遐皮ゥカ縲上騾壼キサ15蜿キ縲2018蟷エ縲134-113鬆√
  • 縲悟育ォッ蛹サ逋ゅ∫函蜻ス蛟ォ逅縲√Γ繝繧」繧ォ繝ォ繝繝シ繝ェ繧コ繝縲阪√守樟莉」諤晄Φ縲上 45蟾サ18蜿キ縲2017蟷エ9譛亥捷縲132-142鬆√

Books and Other Publications

  • 縲守皮ゥカ荳肴ュ」縺ィ豁ェ繧薙□遘大ュヲ STAP邏ー閭樔コ倶サカ繧定カ縺医※縲上∝ア闡励∵ヲ取惠闍ア莉狗キィ縲∵律譛ャ隧戊ォ也、セ縲2019蟷エ縲
  • 縲弱ご繝弱Β邱ィ髮縺ィ邏ー閭樊帆豐サ縺ョ隱慕函縲上∝腰闡励髱貞悄遉セ縲2018蟷エ縲
  • 縲取屎縺輔l縺溽函 : 繝√ぉ繝ォ繝弱ヶ繧、繝ェ蠕後ョ逕溽黄蟄ヲ逧蟶よー代上∫屮菫ョ縲√い繝峨Μ繧「繝翫サ繝壹ヨ繝ェ繝シ繝願送縲∵」ョ譛ャ鮗サ陦」蟄舌サ闍・譚セ譁雋エ險ウ縲∽ココ譁譖ク髯「縲2016蟷エ縲
  • 縲弱ヰ繧、繧ェ蛹悶☆繧狗、セ莨 : 縲梧ク譎ゆサ」縲阪ョ逕溷多縺ィ霄ォ菴薙上∝腰闡励髱貞悄遉セ縲2012蟷エ縲
  • 縲朱隘イ縺吶k繝繧ッ繝弱Ο繧ク繝シ : 縺ェ縺懃ァ大ュヲ謚陦薙ッ莠コ髢薙r陬丞繧九ョ縺九上∝ア險ウ縲∝アア蜿」蜑帙サ邊・蟾晄コ紋コ瑚ィウ縲∵掠蟾晄嶌謌ソ縲1999蟷エ縲

Key Words of the Research

Sociology, ELSI (Ethics, Legal Systems and Social Issues), Risk, Inequality, Stigma, History, Media.

Related SDGs
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