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Associate Professor
Ph.D. in Social Sciences (University of Leuven,Belgium)
Officeシ Room 416
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Graduated from Department of Comparative Culture, Sophia University. Received Ph.D. from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (University of Leuven, Belgium). Yasutomi窶冱 earlier positions include: Researcher at Embassy of Japan in Bulgaria, field and station officer in international NGOs, Senior Researcher at Research Institute for Peace and Security (RIPS), associate professor at Miyazaki International College.

Academic Field / Expertise

Security studies, peace studies

Courses to Offer

Introduction to International Cooperation and Security

Peace Studies


We are witnessing wars, conflicts and other forms of violence depriving people窶冱 wealth, health, and education in various parts of the world today. Why do wars and conflicts occur, and how do we prevent them from recurring? How do we end wars? How can we make peace in our world? 窶 Scholars, religious leaders, politicians, practitioners, students, and the like, have asked these simple but very difficult questions for centuries. At Eikei University of Hiroshima, we will seek answers for these important questions collaboratively. I am very much looking forward to finding some keys to solve these questions together.

Summary of the Research Undertaken

One of my major research topics is peacebuilding in post-conflict states, focusing on specific issues such as community policing, and communication between community residents and irregular forces. Another research topic goes to a study on public support towards military operations abroad and how that shapes defence and security policies in the new democratic states in Southeast Asia and beyond.

Research Themes

  • Peacebuilding in post-conflict states and newly democratised states
  • Security Sector Reform and Governance (SSRG)
  • Civil-military relations, civil-military cooperation
  • Community policing and community security in post-conflict states / new democracies
  • Behaviours of irregular forces, militias, gang groups, and vigilantes in local communities in post-conflict states
  • Treatment of deaths of soldiers and war casualties

Details of the Research

My approach to research in post-conflict peacebuilding is multi-disciplinary. Currently, my specific research targets are armed forces, police forces and irregular forces (e.g. militias, gangs, and vigilantes). In many post-conflict states, irregular forces are often treated as spoilers to peace processes since they tend to be extra-legal, violence-based organisations that interrupt ongoing peace talks. However, a careful examination also demonstrates that irregular forces often collaborate with community members and jointly function as security guarantors in the absence of legitimate functioning police forces in the region. I focus on such collaborative behaviours of irregular forces in various states in Southeast Asia and Latin America.

List of Papers

  • 窶弩hen Soldiers Speak Out against Their Own Military: A Study of Non-Academic Books Published by Retired Japanese Officers窶, Res Militaris, Vol. 10, No. 1, 2020.
  • 縲檎皮ゥカ繝弱シ繝茨シ夊サ埼嚏縺ョ豬キ螟匁エセ驕」譎ゅ↓縺翫¢繧区ョ芽キ閠縺ョ謇ア縺 窶 繝峨う繝騾」驍ヲ霆阪ョ莠倶セ九°繧峨阪朱亟陦帛ュヲ遐皮ゥカ縲冗ャャ61蜿キ縲2019蟷エ縲9竏27鬆√
  • 縲後さ繝溘Η繝九ユ繧」繝サ繝昴Μ繧キ繝ウ繧ー縺ョ閼ア隘ソ谺ァ蛹厄シ壹ラ繝翫シ縺ッ豁ヲ陬髮蝗」繧偵←縺ョ繧医≧縺ォ謇ア縺縺ケ縺阪°縲搾シ亥ア闡暦シ峨主嵜髫帛鵠蜉幄ォ夜寔縲冗ャャ26蟾サ隨ャ1蜿キ縲2018蟷エ縲75-99鬆√
  • 窶廚ivil-Military Cooperation Strategy for Disaster Relief in Japan - Missing in Disaster Preparedness窶 (Co-authored), Liaison, Vol. 7, Center for Excellency, US Pacific Command, Spring 2017.

Books and Other Publications

  • 縲梧橿陦馴擠譁ー縺ィ霆阪ョ譁蛹悶ョ螟牙ョケ縲巧n:驕謎ク句セウ謌撰シ育キィ闡暦シ峨弱梧橿陦薙阪′螟峨∴繧区姶莠峨→蟷ウ蜥後剰鎌闢画嶌謌ソ蜃コ迚医2018蟷エ9譛茨シISBN978-4-8295-0743-8シ
  • 縲瑚ェ辟カ轣ス螳ウ縺ォ縺翫¢繧玖ェ陦幃嚏縺ョ驍ヲ莠コ霈ク騾√巧n:迚螻ア陬包シ育キィ闡暦シ峨朱亟轣ス繧偵a縺舌k蝗ス髫帛鵠蜉帙ョ縺ゅj縺九◆縲上Α繝阪Ν繝エ繧。譖ク謌ソ縲2017蟷エ7譛茨シISBN978-4-623-08063-2シ
  • 縲後↑縺憺」謳コ縺吶k縺ョ縺九巧n:荳頑揄蜍蜿ク繝サ阯、驥榊忽鄒弱サ蜷牙エ守衍蜈ク繝サ譛ャ螟壼ォ蠖ャシ育キィ闡暦シ峨惹ク也阜縺ォ蜷代¢縺溘が繝シ繝ォ繧ク繝」繝代Φ縲丞螟門コ迚医2016蟷エ4譛茨シISBN978-4-905285-57-1シ

Key Words of the Research

International Security, Peacebuilding, International Cooperation, Security Sector Reform, Military, Police, Community Security, Criminal Groups, Non-governmental Organisations

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