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Ph.D. in Work, Family and Community Education
Office: Room 322

Office Hours: Please make an appointment by email or through Teams.


Teaching experiences at the University of Minnesota Extension (U.S.A.) and Hiroshima University. Academic interest is learning “experiences” in everyday life.

Academic field / Expertise

Research Design

Courses to offer

Project-Based Learning Exercise IA

Project-Based Exercise IB

Design Thinking, System Thinking


I teach the required Project Based Learning Exercise (PBLE) courses. In class, we will examine the real problems in our society and our environment. We will figure out why there are problems, and how we can find clues to solve them, and try solutions. In this process, we will learn and practice the basic research methods to gather and analyze information. We also learn ways to create solutions and evaluate them for improvement. Building on the PBLE, I hope you find a way to design your own question for your senior project!

Summary of the Research undertaken

I design and carry out research to capture and think about our "experiences." With the frameworks of "lived time," "lived space," and "lived body," I’m trying to find something important and essential from the rich "experiences" that all we have. 

Research Themes

  • experiences of learning
  • learning in human resource development of continuing education
  • understanding tacit knowledge through qualitative data
  • development of educational programs to promote active learning
  • evaluation of educational programs that promote active learning

List of Papers

  • Ami HAMAMOTO, Maki KAWASE, Masaru NAKANO, Seiko SHIRASAKA "Does Work Engagement Affect Leader Identity Development? Validating the LIWEDC Using the Grounded Theory Approach" International Journal of Japan Association for Management Systems 2023  Vol. 15 No. 1 December 2023, pp. 77-88 

  • DOI:

  • HAMAMOTO, A., NAKANO, M., KAWASE, M., & SHIRASAKA, S. (2022). Integrating work engagement in leader identity development: Proposed method and statistical validation. International Journal of Japan Association for Management Systems, 14(1), 73-85.


  • Nobuyuki Kobayashi, Aki Nakamoto, Maki Kawase, Makoto Ioki, Seiko Shirasaka. 2020. Evaluation of Assurance Case Description Method Using ISO 27001 for Merger and Acquisition. International Journal of Service and Knowledge Management, Vol. 4, No. 1, 61-75. 

  • Yasuo Kogure, Nobuyuki Kobayashi, Maki Kawase, Seiko Shirasaka, Makoto Ioki. Proposal of Entrepreneur’s Behavior Process for Overcoming Japanese Type Valley of Death in Startup Companies. 2019. Review of Integrative Business and Economics Research, Vol. 8, No. 3, 102-112.
  • Nobuyuki Kobayashi, Aki Nakamoto, Maki Kawase, Fiona Sussan, Makoto Ioki, Seiko Shirasaka. 2018. Four-Layered Assurance   Case Description Method Using D-Case. International Journal of Japan Association for Management Systems, Vol. 10, No.1, 87-93.

  • Nobuyuki Kobayashi, Aki Nakamoto, Maki Kawase, Fiona Sussan, Seiko Shirasaka. 2017. What Model(s) of Assurance Cases Will Increase the Feasibility of Accomplishing Both Vision and Strategy? Review of Integrative Business and Economics Research, 7(2), 1-17. Review of Integrative Business and Economics Research (RIBER) RIBER Best Paper Prize.


Books and Other Publications

  • Maki Kawase. 2008. Crafting selves in multiple worlds: A phenomenological study of four foreign-born women's lived-experiences of being "foreign(ers)." VDM Verlag Dr. Müller.
  • Skuza, J., Russo, J., Gates, E. & Kawase, M. 2006. Urban youth lead: Becoming the authors of their lives. University of Minnesota.
  • Editor / Geoffrey Maruyama / Geoffrey Maruyama, Martin Adams, Hilary Gebauer, Maki Kawase, Timothy Sheldon, Bhaskar Upadhyay, and Robert Jones. 2011. Building Community-University Partnerships: Learnings from Practice for Institutions and Individuals Engaged in Urban and Other Partnerships. University of Minnesota. 

Key Words of the Research

Research Design, Phenomenological Research Methodology, Project Based Learning, Entrepreneurship Education