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Dr. rer. nat. (Natural Sciences)
Officeシ啌oom 522
Office Hoursシ8:00 to 17:00, open office hours will be arranged to suit the needs

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A Natural Scientist with over 25 years of experience in research at academics and companies.

Academic Field / Expertise

Natural science

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Our world is undergoing rapid change, with big issues facing us now and in the future. The global temperature is increasing, while biodiversity is decreasing, unknown diseases are emerging, and wars are being fought again. How can you become a problem-solver? Having a background in science and technology will provide you with the creative knowledge to overcome the economic, social, and environmental challenges of the future. Join me on this journey and see how rewarding, fun, and engaging natural science can be.

Summary of the Research Undertaken

I`m a chemist who specialist in biophysics, especially protein folding and dynamics; however, during my career, I did research in a variety of scientific subjects such as genetics, molecular, and cell biology while at Eikei University I aim to spread my wings and expand my research further towards Biodiversity and Ecology.

Research Themes

  • Urban greening and biodiversity
  • Renewable energies the solution or the future Pandora窶冱 box
  • Data analysis in R, towards a better understanding of risk management for renewable energies
  • Are GMO窶冱 the solution or another Pandora窶冱 box
  • Supporting and analyzing the Japanese way of internationalization

Details of the Research

As I have done a variety of different research during my career, I refer to the following sites that provide a short overview of my past research:

List of Papers

  • Lassalle, M.W. (2021). Are transgenerational epigenetics affecting genetically modified organisms? Researchers.One,
  • Lassalle, M.W., Jarocki, V. (2016). Public Misunderstanding of Genetically Modified Organisms: How Science and Society are Interconnected. Int. J. Life. Sci. Scienti. Res., 2(5). 636-643.

  • Lassalle, M.W. (2013). Expression and assembly of active human cardiac troponin in Escherichia coli. Protein Expression and Purification. 87 (2). 61-66.
  • Lassalle, M.W. (2010). Defective Dynamic Properties of Human Cardiac Troponin Mutations. Biosci. Biotechnol. Biochem. 74 (1). 82-91.
  • Lassalle, M.W. et al. (2003). Effects of Melanogenesis-Inducing Nitric Oxide and Histamine on the Production of Eumelanin and Pheomelanin in Cultured Human Melanocytes. Pigment Cell Research 16 (1). 81-84.

Books and Other Publications

Professional Qualifications

  • Data Analysis using Python (IBM digital credential/ intermediate)
  • Data analysis using R (IBM digital credential/ intermediate)
  • Landscape Ecology edX Course 2022
  • J-CAT Japanese high proficiency
  • Adjunct Associate Professor (part time)縲University of Maryland Global Campus

Key Words of the Research

biophysical chemistry, protein science, microbiology, genetics, molecular biology, cell biology, nutrition science, biotechnology, biodiversity, ecology

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