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Doctor of engineering

Office:Prefectural University of Hiroshima, Hiroshima campus, Room 2222 

Office Hours:Please contact me by email or Teams. 

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After engaging in research and development in the energy field of general electronics manufacturer, engaged in current job. 

Academic Field / Expertise

Data science, Artificial intelligence (AI), Energy management 

Courses to Offer

Introduction to mathematics, data science, and AI (Literacy level) 

Data science fundamentals (Applied fundamentals level) 


To address social issues such as global warming, low birthrate and aging population, and depopulation of rural areas, we need scientific judgments based on a lot of data. Data science and artificial intelligence (AI) are effective tools to visualize and analyze data and provide insights for solving problems. We need to acquire the ability to use these tools in the future. Let’s learn together to solve social issues. 

Summary of the Research Undertaken

To address global warming, it is necessary to promote energy efficiency and decarbonization of energy systems (such as solar power generation, batteries, heat pumps, electric vehicles, etc.) in factories, buildings, homes. Therefore, I am working on research on a technology that uses AI to optimize the operation of energy systems based on data analysis and prediction. 

Research Themes

  • Development of regional energy management system 
  • Development of energy system that achieves both comfort and energy saving 

Details of the Research

In order to prevent global warming, the realization of carbon neutrality is an urgent issue. Energy management such as energy-saving control of energy systems (photovoltaic power generation, storage battery, air conditioning, etc.) in areas such as factories, buildings and houses and demand response for power system stabilization is desired. In the future, electric vehicles and hydrogen production facilities will be added to the energy systems, and people's behavior changes will also be subject to control. Therefore, it will be difficult to control large-scale energy systems with optimization calculations based on conventional physical models. Therefore, I am working on research on regional-level energy management technology using AI such as deep learning. 

List of Papers

  • Operation Planning Method Using Convolutional Neural Network for Combined Heat and Power System, Tetsushi Ono, Tsutomu Kawamura, Ryosuke Nakamura, IEEJ TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 16(10) 1319-1327 (2021.10) 
  • Building Heat Load Estimation Method Including Parameter Estimation from Actual Data, Ryosuke Nakamura, Tsutomu Kawamura, IEEJ TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 16(8) 1067-1075 (2021.8) 
  • Development of Air-Conditioning Operation-Planning Method for Large Spaces, Ryosuke Nakamura, Tsutomu Kawamura, IEEJ TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 16(5) 769-777 (2021.5) 
  • Development of air conditioner operation planning method using people flow information, Ryosuke Nakamura, Tsutomu Kawamura, IEEJ TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 14(10) 1500-1506 (2019.10) 
  • Numerical analyses of competitive-consecutive reactions in microreactors, Tsutomu Kawamura, Tomofumi Shiraishi, Masashi Oda, JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING OF JAPAN 41(2) 108-113 (2008.2) 

Books and Other Publications

  • A thorough explanation of big data and IoT technology that makes money, Nikkei Electronics, pp.57-61 Optimizing the energy supply and demand structure, connecting dispersed facilities with the Internet to exchange electricity and heat, Nikkei BP 2014 (ISBN: 4822276422) 

Intellectual Property

  • Patent No. 7053299 Operation plan generation device and operation plan generation method, Tsutomu Kawamura, Masatoshi Kumagai, Hirotaka Takahashi 
  • Patent No. 6893980 Energy Management Device and Method, Energy Management System and Operation Planning Method for Energy Management System, Tsutomu Kawamura, Hirotaka Takahashi, Ryosuke Nakamura 
  • Patent No. 6775360 Microgrid Operation Planning System and Method, Tsutomu Kawamura, Hirotaka Takahashi, Yasushi Tomita, Toru Akatsu 
  • Patent No. 6467216 Heat source system management device, heat source system management method and program, Tsutomu Kawamura, Kaoru Kawabata, Ryosuke Nakamura, Hiroshige Kikuchi, Susumu Ikeda 
  • Patent No. 5544314 Optimal Operation System for Utility Equipment, Tsutomu Kawamura, Ryosuke Nakamura, Katsuyuki Suzuki, Tomofumi Shiraishi, Yoshikazu Ishii, Hideyo Kawano, Ryu Morichi, Kazunobu Morita 

Professional Qualifications

  • Energy manager (March 2023) 
  • Doctor of Engineering (Kyushu University, January 2006) 

Key Words of the Research

Energy management, Smart grid, Optimization, Artificial intelligence 

【ex.:Engineering,XX phenomenon, safety, well-being,  American Literature, Social sciences, etc.】 

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