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Degree:M.A. in Commerce
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Cheng is a lecturer with expertise in the business models of startups in China. Originally from Taiwan, majored in classical music, percussion instruments per se, Cheng then changed her focus to management studies and received her Master's degree in management at Waseda University.

Academic field / Expertise

Management studies

Courses to offer

Introduction to Business Administration

Management Strategy and Organization Theory


Is management only applicable to companies? Actually, Management as a discipline focuses on solving various problems in society through business. By studying management, the creation of value for customers and stakeholders will be explored, ergo social well-being as a whole will be expected to be promoted.

As future changemakers, I expect you to think from a managerial perspective and apply what you learn to your surroundings. I am looking forward to enjoying the exciting journey of management with you together.

Summary of the Research undertaken

My main research interests have been entrepreneurship studies. Specifically, the cognition and behavior of individual entrepreneurs from the perspective of how entrepreneurs perceive business opportunities. More recently, my focus has shifted to comprehending entrepreneurship within a broader context and exploring business models, as well as the ecosystem surrounding entrepreneurs, through case studies on rapidly growing Chinese startup companies.

Research Themes

Research on Cross-platform Network Effects: Beyond Different Markets and Time


List of Papers

  • Inoue, T., Cheng, Y. F., Sakai, T., & Yang, J.Y. (2022). Comparative Analysis of the Business Models of the Two Leading Short Video Apps in China, Douyin and Kuaishou. Japan Marketing Journal, 41(4), 29-41. (In Japanese)
  • Cheng, Y. F., & Inoue, T. (2020). Extending the platform with multiple interactions. The WASEDA Commercial Review, 85, 23-40. (In Japanese)
  • Cheng, Y. F. (2017). Opportunity Recognition: Recent Developments and Future Research. The Bulletin of the Graduate School of Commerce, 85, 23-40. (In Japanese)
  • Cheng, Y. F. (2016). Serial Entrepreneurs' Opportunity Recognition: Application of Creative Cognition Approach. The Bulletin of the Graduate School of Commerce, 83, 41-60. (In Japanese)

Books and Other Publications

  • Inoue, T., & Cheng, Y. F. (2021). The 9 most scaling business models of China. Tokyo: Nikkei Business Publications. (In Japanese) (井上達彦・鄭雅方(2021)『世界最速ビジネスモデル 中国スタートアップ図鑑』日経BP )

Key Words of the Research

competitive strategy, business model, platform ecosystem, entrepreneurship

Related SDGs
  • 産業と技術革命の基盤をつくろう

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