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Report on the 1st Eikei Student Festival! ~Day 1~.

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On Saturday, October 14 and Sunday, October 15, the Eikei Student Festival "EIKEI fest." was held for the first time since the opening of the EUH, with over 700 visitors in total.
Here are some photos of the exhibitions and workshops held on the first day of the festival.

World Cafe(Free dialogue at tables divided into small groups)

"How can the regional attractions of Hiroshima be effectively communicated?" was the theme of a discussion with the general public, high school and university students on the future of Hiroshima. Hiroshima Prefecture Vice Governor Tamai also participated as a guest.


Marine Plastic Accessories

Marine plastics floating in the sea were cleaned and processed, and visitors were able to experience making accessories at the workshop. The workshop was a great success, with even small children able to participate.

Kotonoha Project

As an opportunity to recognize one's own identity through words and music, the participants confronted and shared social issues under the theme of "tomorrow's buds" and completed a one-of-a-kind poem.

Live Music Concert (Collaboration by Elisabeth University of Music and EUH students)

Food and Beverage

Many shops from off-campus opened their shops.