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Report on the 1st Eikei Student Festival! ~Day 2~

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On Saturday, October 14 and Sunday, October 15, the Eikei Student Festival "EIKEI fest." was held for the first time since the opening of the EUH, with over 700 visitors in total.
The second day of the "EIKEI fest." was a great success, with powerful stage performances in addition to yesterday's programs.
Here are some scenes from the second day.

Stage Events

Hiroshima Commercial High School Calligraphy Club Performance

The opening of the stage presentation was calligraphy. The audience was overwhelmed by the powerful performance.

EUH Dance Club Performance
Band Performance

Cultural Exchage Club                       Punahele Hiroshima Prefectural University 

Koto Performance                              Hawaiian Studies Club(Hula Dance)


World Cafe (free dialogue at tables divided into small groups)

The theme of the discussion was "What everyone wants for Hiroshima City" in both Japanese and English. Participants ranged from high school students to working adults.

Let’s make the special postcard

Participants experienced making postcards using vegetable crayons created with local children from discarded vegetables.


Flower Arrangement

Participants experienced making bouquets using materials no longer needed at the florist.

Talk Show (Vivienne Sato & Prof. Soda)         Aura Portrait
Aki Ota Booth
Thank you to all visitors and cooperators

Thank you very much for your participation in EIKEI fest..
Thanks to each one of you, we were able to splendidly showcase the idea that originated from the everyday conversations of our students.
Despite it being our inaugural event, the individual support from participating companies, vendors, performers, and individuals both within and outside the university was instrumental in making this event a resounding success. 
We extend our heartfelt gratitude for this invaluable collaboration. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to meet with all of you once more at the upcoming EIKEI fest.!