Reporting Session for PBL IB (English Class)

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Reporting Session for the PBL IB English class (Project Based Learning Exercise IB English) was held on Tuesday, February 21.


Z Holdings Corporation Open Collaboration Hub LODGE


How should we promote upcycling (bottom-up recycling) in daily life?

This time, the English class was divided into four teams of two students to report the results of the exercise.


Theme introduction and lecture (January) by the client were also introduced in LODGE's note.

縲仙升蝠灘、ァ蟄ヲ隰帷セゥ繝ャ繝昴シ繝 蜑咲キィ縲代ョ繧ク繧ソ繝ォ繝輔ぃ繝悶Μ繧ア繝シ繧キ繝ァ繝ウ繧帝ァ菴ソ縺励◆縲∝サ譽繝励Λ繧ケ繝√ャ繧ッ縺ョ蝨ー逕」蝨ー豸医→縺ッシ滂ス廰ODGEシYahoo! JAPANシ会ス從ote

This team did fieldwork in Aki Takata City.

After learning about the actual site and reviewing the information, they identified and verified the issues.

Next Tuesday, February 28, the Reporting Sesssion for the two classes (in Japanese) will be held.

Our clients are the Hiroshima International Center Foundation and JMS Corporation.