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Masks donation ~Protect African students together from COVID-19~

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Eikei University of Hiroshima(EUH) and Ashinaga Foundation, which promotes "Ashinaga Africa Initiative (AAI)", the concept of developing leaders who will play a leading role in African development, are finalizing a partnership agreement for the implementation of "Experience and practical programs" by EUH and for the study of African students at EUH. The agreement will be formally concluded after the approval of EUH establishment by MEXT.

We called for donations of face masks to be sent to AAI candidates, who are in study camps in Senegal and Uganda preparing for studying abroad at universities in Japan, Europe, and the United States. It was hoped to give them one less worry of COVID-19 influence, and concentrate on their studies.

Thank you for your warm support!
We received a lot of face masks.

 Total number of masks sent to our Center was ・・・10,219!!!

The faculty members and the staff sincerely thank you for your kind support.
The masks you sent were duly delivered to Ashinaga Foundation.

We are happy to share some photos and letters we received from Senegal.

*AAI Uganda is suspending all local programs due to COVID-19 for the time-being, thus delivery of the donated face masks is deferred until the AAI study camp for prospective students resume.