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The English Lounge Welcome party for new students

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The English Lounge hosted Welcome party for new students

On Friday, April 22, the English Lounge hosted Welcome Party for new students, which about 70 students and faculty members attended to build friendships.
This welcome party was planned and organized by seven student staff members with the hopes of "helping new students to feel at ease as they start their new university lives by building deeper relationships with each other" and "helping new students to get to know and strengthen their English skills." 


After opening greetings, we invited Mr. Damian Rentoule, Principal of Hiroshima International School, as a guest speaker on "Multicultural Understanding and Multiculturalism."
Afterward, Participants played English board games, bingo games, and other games with great excitement while taking precautions against infection of the covid-19.
In the music quiz, questions were given about the countries of the international students and foreign faculty members, which provided an opportunity to expand the conversation.


The Scenes from The English Lounge Welcome Party
New students voice

New students who attended said
「I know it may be limited by the Covid-19, but I'm looking forward to more fun events in the future!」
「I had a great time talking to people I wouldn't normally talk to! Thank you for holding this event.」