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〈Message from a current student 〉DDEMBE Francis

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Practical learning for the dreams I want to achieve.
DDEMBE Francis 
(sophomore student)
DDEMBE Francis (sophomore student)

Since enrolling at Eikei University, I have had the opportunity to see, hear, and learn many things. Coming from Uganda and interested in ICT, I aimed to create an online platform where Ugandans could sell goods and do business with Japanese people.

The classes I have taken at Eikei University have been very practical, especially those focused on ICT, business models, industry, and management. These classes have given me many useful hints about how to achieve my goals. While learning a great deal, I decided to pause my project of creating an online platform for buying and selling goods between Uganda and Japan. I made this decision due to the restrictions on foreign student visas and the need to diversify and refine the Ugandan industry in order to sell Ugandan goods in Japan. I would like to resume pursuing this dream in the future, once the conditions are met.

Recently, I had the opportunity to present this project at the Hiroshima-Yamaguchi Prefectural Governors' Conference. Going forward, I would like to learn more about finance and become involved in work that can contribute to the development of East African countries, including Uganda.

March 2023 contribution