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Learning from Japan's Top Experts - Public Management Theory

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At Eikei University, students study SDG-oriented Liberal Arts in order to cultivate a global mindset necessary to thrive abroad.
Two of Japan's top experts in the field were invited to give lectures in one of the liberal arts subjects, "Public Management Theory" (Lecture by Dr.Toshiyuki Yasui).


The first lecture in the Public Management class was given by Mr. Toshihide Endo, Senior Advisor to the Sony Group and former Commissioner of the Financial Services Agency, who has experience and insight from top administrative positions in the Japanese government.

The second lecture was given by Ms. Reiko Hayashi, a member of the  Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance of the Financial Services Agency, Japan's leading expert on ESG investment and public-private partnerships, on her experience in public-private partnerships.

The lecture was followed by a very lively interactive session and Q&A session.


They also gave lectures in the 3rd and 4th periods of "Public Management Theory" (English class).

It was a rare opportunity to hear directly from one of Japan's top experts. Thank you, Mr. Endo and Ms. Hayashi.