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G7 Hiroshima SummitーActivities of Eikei University Studentsー

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In May 2023, some of our students had the valuable experience of "G7 summit to be held in Hiroshima while they were university students." 

Here are some of the activities and achievements of our students.

Participation in Volunteer Interpretation

Volunteer interpreters
(The fourth from the right is our student, YOSHIMOTO Koki.)
Volunteer interpreters (The fourth from the right is our student, YOSHIMOTO Koki.)

YOSHIMOTO Koki, junior

I had the privilege of working for the G7 Hiroshima Summit as a volunteer interpreter. Few of those occasions include the reception for delegation from France and the UK on 25 April, the Welcome Reception on 18 May, and interpreting at the International Media Centre (IMC) on 20 and 21 May. The most memorable experience amongst these events for me was the interpreting at the Welcome Reception. At this Reception, there were promotion booths from each municipality in Hiroshima. I mostly worked to help PR staff at those booths promote their local products and activities to the guests from embassies or consulates. I was very pleased when they appreciated me, and I felt that I was able to work for people.

Some professional interpreters were working at those receptions with us, and their compliments to my interpretation skills gives me confidence. I had been worried about my own skill as an interpreter so I had prepared a lot; however, I was able to perform better than I had expected. I gained huge confidence throughout this volunteer opportunity, and this confidence makes me consider becoming an interpreter as one of the possible options for my future career.

By joining in G7 Hiroshima Summit as a volunteer, I found myself interested in G7 Summit, which was an extremely important political event. I had not paid much attention to previous  G7 Summits that took place in Japan. I believe that G7 Summit held in my hometown was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and working for such an occasion as a volunteer enabled me to have a close look at the Summit.
I am so grateful to the opportunity given to me, and I shall make use of these precious experiences for my future.

Participation in the Next-Generation Symposium of G7 Hiroshima Summit Partners’ Program

On May 19, sixteen of our students participated in the event where 100 students from Hiroshima Prefecture interacted with the G7 leaders’ partners. 

【The host organizations】Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, United Nations Institute for Training and Research(UNITAR)Hiroshima Office, Hiroshima Organization for Global Peace(HOPe)

【Venue】Hiroshima Orizuru Tower (located in Nakaku, Hiroshima)

 Photo by:HOPe

Comments from participating students

HONDA Sora, sophomore

I am a member of PeKuChars and was involved in G7 PR activities.

I was strongly moved by this event, which I attended because I wanted to be involved in the G7 Summit in some way.

Even though I want to contribute to world peace, I often feel helpless and unable to do anything about it.

However, my participation in this symposium made me realize that we are not helpless and that young people must take the initiative in striving for the realization of peace. This participation has become a treasure of my life.

DOAN THI TRANG Nhung, freshman

During Next Generation Symposium, I really enjoy speaking to people whom I could only see on the news. It was an honor for me to see them that day.

I was really excited and nervous because it was my first time participating in such an important event.

At first, I thought that I’ll just sit there quietly and listen carefully to speeches; however, after hearing many vital speeches, my tension got up and I ended up answering questions that I think I can answer.

Nevertheless, ever since the day of the event, I’ve always thought that I want to become a successful person like the guests of the event in the future.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me.

I’d like to participate in this kind of event again in the near future.