Students and Guardians


Visions of a Sustainable Future Conference

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On Monday, August 7, first-year students gave poster presentations at Eikei TOP on the 15th floor as a final report on the results of their IEP (Intensive English Program). The IEP is a program designed for students to take listening, reading, writing, speaking, and presentation classes in English for six months after entering the school in the spring, and to reach a level where they can take liberal arts and other classes in English from the autumn quarter of their first year.

There were three presentation topics, and students chose one of the following: "Something related to the SDGs", "Something interests" or "Something feasible."

In groups of two or three, the students spent approximately two weeks preparing their final presentations.

Based on the posters they had created, the students gave presentations in English to the audience. One group presented an example of recycling resources by making paper from bananas.

Faculty members also participated in this poster presentation, presenting their research on "well-being", "water quality", "improving education" and "other social issues."

The posters created were full of ideas for improving our future. Second and third year students and faculty members who visited the event were amazed at the improvement in the speaking skills of the first year students and impressed by the content of their presentations.