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10/27/2023 Evening Lounge Visiting Professor BEALE Alison

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Eikei University of Hiroshima will hold an "Evening Lounge" as part of its support for students' competency development and career guidance.

This time, we will have an English lecture on "Intercultural Competence" by Visiting Professor BEALE Alison, Director of University of Oxford Japan Office. 


Friday, Oct 27, 2023, 5:10-6:50pm


In person or online

at Eikei University of Hiroshima, 15th Floor (Eikei Top East) or on Zoom

Open to

Everyone, including EUH students and high school students


Intercultural Competence


Visiting Professor BEALE Alison
Director of University of Oxford Japan Office


‘Intercultural competence’ is the ability to communicate well and work effectively with people who have different values, beliefs, and cultural backgrounds to your own. What does this mean in practice? Why is it important? And how do you develop intercultural competence in your daily life? In this talk, Alison Beale will draw on her own experience studying different cultures and working in different countries to provide insights into how you can develop your global mindset and foster the skills, behaviours and attitude to allow you to interact successfully in international settings.


Apply from the registration form by noon on Thursday, Oct 26.

Director, University of Oxford Japan Office
After graduating from the University of Oxford she first came to Japan on the JET Programme before embarking on a career in international cultural relations principally with the British Council, holding senior posts in Japan, Trinidad and Tobago and China. She also obtained a Masters in Advanced Japanese Studies from the University of Sheffield. In her current role with the University of Oxford she develops links and partnerships for the University with businesses, foundations, alumni and media in Japan. She holds voluntary positions as Vice-President of the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan, Executive Director of the Japan-British Society, on the Board of the New National Theatre Tokyo and the Inamori Foundation.