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" Tsumugi Thread Project" -a student project has begun on 1F

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The student project " Tsumugi Thread Project" has started at the Community Commons on the first floor of EUH.


This project is one of student projects recruited to promote exchange between the local community and EUH students.


Through the mailboxes and bulletin boards set up in the Community Commons, people can write a letter to someone they do not know and receive a letter from someone they do not know.


Both EUH students and local residents are welcome to join this project, so please come to EUH Community Commons.


Tuesday, January 9, 2024 through March 2024

Date and Time

8:30a.m. - 8:30p.m. during the period


Community Commons on the 1F

Eikei University of Hiroshima (1-5 Nobori-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City)

Open to


Participation Fee


Message from the organizer, DANNO Saki (1st year student)

“I want to be someone’s place.” This project started with such a thought. You can put your thoughts into words or touch someone’s thoughts. I would like to create a place for as many as possible through letters with everyone who visited the Community Commons.