Rice planting experience in terraced rice paddies in Ini

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On Thursday, May 4, Associate Professor Higginbotham, 11 Eikei University of Hiroshima students, and Professor Kurihara (formerly Hiroshima Kokusai gakuin University) decided to go to rice terraces in the Ini district of Tsutsuga, Aki-Ota Town, for a rice planting experience and to visit the source water of the rice terraces in Ini.

It was the first rice-planting experience for most of the students, and they learned about the reality of depopulation and the blessings of nature. 

Beautiful terraced rice paddies selected as one of the "100 best terraced rice paddies in Japan "

After listening to instruction on rice planting, some students were surprised at a depth of the rice paddies and the feel of the mud when they put their feet into the paddies and screamed at first.

Some of the international students were very familiar with the process because They helped with rice planting in their home countries.



Lunchtime at Shoonji Temple

We had lunch at Shoshinji Temple  while listening to the priest, Oe, and Kurihara sensei talks about Ini.

Also local residents extended a warm invitation to the students to come back in the fall for the rice harvest.