The Career Mentor System

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The Career Mentor System registers adults active on the front lines of society as career mentors who are available to advise our students on career planning and thereby enable them to pursue a variety of career paths after graduation.

Registered Career Mentors


Keywords: Startup, Venture, Legal, Paralegal

Affliation: Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court


As a future attorney, I would like to work in startup support. For this reason, I believe that it is important to have the same perspective and experience as entrepreneurs, and for this reason I am working on my own startups. 

Message to students

My hobbies are cycling, kayaking, muscle training, visiting hot springs and historical sites, startup support, Russian, history, reading, chess, visiting cafes, and talking with new people. Depending on your curiosity, you can expand your horizons as much as you want. Don't think that you are limited, but rather, dive into the new world as much as you can.



Keywords: Consulting, Venture capital, Agricultural systems

Affiliation: MHDF LLC (Founded)


I hold a Master of Business Administration degree from a graduate school in Thailand. Worked for global consulting firms such as Accenture. Currently, he founded MHDF, LLC, with a vision of creating innovation from rural areas. 

Message to students

Based on my past experience, I can provide advice on (1) differences in work between developed and emerging countries, (2) what you can do in large companies and venture/start-up companies, (3) differences between heavy industries (manufacturers, etc.) and light industries (retail, IT, etc.), (4) differences in aptitude and experience required at different business stages (0 ⇒ 1, 1 ⇒ 10, 10 ⇒ 100), etc. We will be happy to discuss these differences with you. Let's design your career together!



Keywords: IT, Software Development, Back Office

Affiliation: System Friend Inc. 


I graduated from a university in the UK. After joining System Friend Inc. I worked as a mentor for foreign nationals. In 2019, while going through childbirth and childcare, I became a director of the company and am involved in the recruitment and retention of foreign personnel. 

Message to students

From this place in Hiroshima, there are many opportunities for you to spread your wings in Japan and abroad. From my past experiences and my current position as a company executive after childbirth and childcare, I would be happy to help you chart your future career by respecting diversity and fostering diversity within yourself from the perspective of promoting women's activities and diversity.



Keywords:International Organizations, Development Finance, Study Abroad, Europe

Affiliation: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development


I’m currently working at Tokyo Office of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). As Head of Government Relations, my key responsibilities include public relations, recruitment activities, communications to promote visibility of the EBRD in Japan, and business development to promote EBRD’s engagement with Japanese stakeholders. Before taking up the current position in July 2022, I’ve had nearly 20 years of professional experience in the Japanese Ministry of Finance, the EBRD’s London Headquarters (Japanese Board Office) and the Regional Customs Branch office.

Message to students

My career has been developed by overcoming challenges in the various working environment, doing trial and errors, and making adjustments without changing my principles.  I would like to share my experiences with and help explore more career options for those of you who haven’t found your objectives or who are wondering how to achieve your goals. Especially, I’m hoping to give advice to students wishing to work in the public sector or at international organisations. Look forward to talking with you!


Keywords:Financial consulting, Public sector, Self-investment

Affiliation: Accenture Japan Ltd


I started my career at the Bank of Japan, the Financial Services Agency, and global consulting companies. I have created my career based on various advice.  Thus, I would be happy to support young people. I also expect to receive a lot of inspiration from young people. 

Message to students

The way of career is changing rapidly. It is essential to be able to develop your career as you wish, but it can also develop in unexpected ways. I will talk about serendipity (the importance of chance encounters) and diverse perspectives based on my experience moving back and forth between the public and private sectors due to various connections.


MOTOKI Akihiro

Keywords:Startups, Entrepreneurship, New Business

Affiliation: General Incorporated Association WAKUBUS(Founded)


After early retirement from a major automobile manufacturer, I have been working as a coordinator for start-up support projects by the government and other organizations, as well as NPO activities for the preservation of the Seto Inland Sea and local revitalization. I am a part-time lecturer for problem-solving exercises at Eikei University. 

Message to students

My mission is "to connect and circulate the realization of aspirations, to bring people together in nature, and to propagate interesting things. If this rings a bell, let's have a dialogue!



Keywords:Mental resilience, Mental health, Resixley, Foreign affiliated companies

Affiliation: Founder and CEO, Resixley Inc.


Shuichi Ichimura has built up his career by serving as CFO and representative director of Japanese subsidiary companies of US and European companies. To solve the social issues, he founded a company related to mentoring in a multilingual and multicultural society. 

Message to students

In an era of rapid change, it is extremely difficult to plan and prepare in advance for both career development and systematic, ongoing development. It is important to have the ability, positive attitude, and actions to continue building one's career under any environmental changes and difficult circumstances. To do so, we must practice the following five principles: (1) Curiosity (2) Persistence (3) Optimism (4) Flexibility (5) RiskTaking


SELVARAJ Thomasprabhu

Keywords:International Students, Overseas Business

Affiliation: Yes Corporation


After graduating from a university in my native India, I went on to graduate school at Hiroshima University, where I mastered Japanese during my studies. After completing graduate school, I worked for a manufacturer in the prefecture. Currently, as an overseas business manager, I works on matching companies with foreign human resources. 

Message to students

There are plenty of opportunities for students from other countries to find employment in Japan. Japanese companies will gladly hire you if you can learn Japanese and speak two or three languages. The important thing for finding a job in Japan is to understand the Japanese work culture. Also, deepen your knowledge so that you can do all the skills you have on your own. Since you have come to Japan, it is important that you actually want to make use of the knowledge and experience you gained at a Japanese university in Japan.