4/22/2024 Evening Lounge Mr. KAI Takayuki

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Eikei University of Hiroshima will hold an "Evening Lounge" as part of its support for students' competency development and career guidance.

This time, we will have an English lecture on "Tatenaoshi~Renovating Lives, Buildings, and Society~" by Mr. KAI Takayuki, President, Renovate Japan Ltd. 


Monday, April 22, 2024, 5:10-6:50pm


In person or online

at Eikei University of Hiroshima, 15th Floor (Eikei Top East) or on Zoom

Open to

Everyone, including EUH students and high school students


"Tatenaoshi"~Renovating Lives, Buildings, and Society~


KAI Takayuki

President, Renovate Japan Ltd.


Housing for the poor is a grave issue in Japan and the world. As governments struggle to solve it, Renovate Japan tackles that as a social enterprise by making use of the renovation process of vacant buildings. This idea that we call “Tatenaoshi” not only greatly reduces the tradeoff between business profits and social action, but reinforces the power of local communities. It also solves the problem of vacant  houses, which is another social issue that is growing in Japan. As a founder of Renovate Japan, Kai will discuss the idea of Tatenaoshi and the practical cases that they have faced so far with that model.


Apply from the registration form by Friday, April 19


Born in 1993, Kai is a social entrepreneur who tackles poverty issues internationally from both research and practical sides. After studying development economics at Hitotsubashi University and the University of Toronto,

he worked as a researcher at a private thinktank and an international organization. Kai founded Renovate Japan, LLC in October 2020. The Tatenaoshi projects in that company focus on rescuing people who lost their jobs and homes through unemployment or domestic violence, by providing them a shelter that makes use of buildings during renovation as they are not yet in the market.